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SecureTouch - Surface Wave

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Flat and spherical touchscreen options for design flexibility
SecureTouch provides all the features of IntelliTouch along with tempered glass construction for superior resistance to breakage and vandalism. It's nearly impossible to physically break or "wear out" these touchscreens. SecureTouch is widely used in kiosk, gaming, and office automation applications and is available for flat panel custom solutions. Read more about SecureTouch technology.

  • Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission 
  • Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface-continues to work if scratched 
  • Stable "drift-free" operation-for a touch response that's always accurate 
  • Smart touch response-no false touches 
  • Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation 
  • Fast, sensitive touch response 
  • Sensitive touch response-recognizes location and amount of pressure applied 

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